Raymond Glass Company, Inc.


The Raymond family has been in the glass business since the 1850’s. Origins can be traced back to when Ben Harris, of Jersey City opened a hardware, glass and paint store. Harris lived with his wife and seven children: eventually, four of Harris’s children started the glass business, which was the foundation of the current Raymond Glass Company Incorporated.

Samuel Raymond, immigrated to the United States from Eastern Europe when he was only thirteen. To pay his way in his new country, he started working by carrying glass on his back from house to house, when, he then got a job with one of the Harris brothers. With the Harris family business he began installing glass.

Samuel was later introduced to one of the Harris sisters, Fannie, who he later married. This was a union of family, as well as business, because Samuel and one of the Harris bothers went into the glass business together, another major stepping stone in the history of Raymond Glass.

The new glass company, Harris & Raymond Glass, was located at 125 Storms Avenue in Jersey City, New Jersey. After successful years the forged company bought out other glass companies and businesses to create a strong presence in the industry in the area. After several years of building Harris & Raymond Glass company with his brother in law Samuel Raymond eventually bought out his brother in law, and built Samuel Raymond Glass Company. Samuel Raymond Glass Co was very prosperous.

After returning from World War II, Samuel’s sons, Abner and Edward, took over the family business, allowing Samuel to semi-retire. Even when the company was passed down, it was thriving, and the Raymond family cornered the market, having one of the largest glass inventories.

After Abner passed away, Edward continued the business. He then had two sons, Stuart and Bruce, and a daughter, Lori. Edward, later retired from the business, leaving it in the hands of his three children.

Currently Lori spearheads the operation, with the help of her children. Joseph her youngest son is and engineer who works part time with the company and full time for a large engineering firm. Spencer, her eldest son, worked with one of the largest glass distributors and manufacturers in New Jersey.  He now manages the business with his sister, Danielle, who runs the office and staff.

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